Monday, March 18, 2013

Pin, Pinning, Pinned, Pinterest.

I realize now while writing this post that I should probably update my "About the Author" post, as the old one is going to leave quite a few things unexplained. But that's not near as exciting as this post, so I'll do it later...

This post is about my new obsession...Pinterest!

Starting about 3 months ago I have been spending a lot of idle time with my iPhone (more on that in the About the Author update) and I have been looking for interesting apps. Enter: Pinterest. I was already a member of Pinterest but had only perused it casually. I hadn't really delved into all the wonderful things that Pinterest really has to offer. So when I found that there was an app for that I started looking around. I have now amassed roughly 12 years worth of home renovation projects, craft ideas, recipes and even construction projects for my retired father. It has been so much fun!

Now I see however that pinning to a board on the internet is just the same as the old school method of cutting out a photo from a magazine (do they even make those things anymore) and pasting it to a real life bulletin board. Or the side of the fridge, or a pile in a shoebox in the basement...At any rate, all that ever becomes of it is the statement 'I like this idea, but I'm not going to actually do it myself'. So I'm taking charge and crossing my pins off as completed one by one.

Granted some will take longer than others, as I can't remodel my entire house tomorrow on my SAHM salary :) And some of the pins were only ever designed as inspiration and aren't meant to be directly copied. But for the remaining 10,000 I'm going to try them. As a matter of fact I have tried some of them already with great success!

Each time I've made some kind of small modification to a way that I thought would be better. Sometimes I was right :) and sometimes dreadfully wrong :( but with each new recipe, craft, or design idea I have had the satisfaction of knowing that I didn't merely stop at the idea of something being neat, useful or pretty but that I actually went out and attempted to do it on my own.

I'm so obsessed now, that I've added "Be Pinned" to my bucket list :)

And now that the blog and I are back on speaking terms, and hopefully hanging out regularly I am excited to share my trials and successes here.

And if you haven't checked out Pinterest before, do it! It's so much fun!

Happy Pinning!

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