Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eco Emi - May Box

I have recently begun the gentle conversion from 'mainstream' products to more 'natural' products.

For me, this is a very slow and laborious process. It is hard to sift through the marketing, lobbying, bullying and misinformation to get to actual facts, and even harder to sort out those facts into something I want to make a decision based on. And after the decision is made there is quite a bit of defending to be done to other people who happen to be on the other side of that particular fence.

And even after I've decided, and defended my position I must find the money to support the purchase and use of 'natural' products which generally run 2x-3x the price of the main stream alternative. And what happens when I buy the organic all natural body wash only to have my skin break out in some crazy rash because I didn't know I had an allergy to mumbi-bumbi root?!?

Recently I found a solution. It's a company called Eco-Emi. Eco-Emi is a great way to test the waters on green, organic, natural and eco-friendly products. For a small fee you can get a monthly subscription for samples of eco-friendly natural products ranging from food to beauty products to household cleaners. So, I got myself a subscription to see what it's all about.

May was my first month to receive a box. Here's how it looked and what I got:

Nail Polish - by Suncoat
Shimmer Eye Shadow - by Lauren Brookes
Mongo Kiss Lip Balm - by Eco Lips
Aqua Sport SPF 30 Sunscreen - by All Terrain
Seaweed Bath Powder - by
Pomegranate Bar - by Athena Bars
Herbal Armor Insect Repellent - by All Terrain
Shampoo - by Beauty Without Cruelty

Also in the box were coupons/discounts for some of the products (like the eyeshadow) if I wanted to order online.

The card that was included in the box also contains information about each product, including if it is certified as vegan, or specially sourced (the lip balm ingredients are sourced from Africa as part of an endeavor to raise the standard of living in some rural villages). It even gives details on how much the product costs in case you are interested in buying the full version.

I unpacked my box and read about each product on the card. As I went down the list I realized that I had not received the mascara listed on the card. This was disappointing at first, but I simply sent an email to Eco-Emi and within 2 days I received the missing mascara along with a personalized note and another free sample of the nail polish! I'd say for customer service that's top notch.

Boo ate the Pomegranate bar and declared it to be quite good. And I've already tried the lip balm, nail polish and the mascara. The lip balm is great; it moisturizes without being too heavy or shiny, and the vanilla/honey scent is really pleasant. The nail polish dries fast (which is great considering Baby doesn't really ever let me sit for 10 minutes for my nails to dry) and doesn't have any fumes at all. My toes are looking quite stylish in a snazzy, sparkly shade of pink, another plus :). AND I'm in L-O-V-E LOVE with the mascara. It coats better and stays on longer than my 'traditional' mascara, and comes off completely with only water. I'd have to say my old mascara probably isn't going to be making the cut anymore.

It's been cloudy a lot lately, so I haven't had a chance to test the sunscreen, but I'm hoping to have a chance in the next few weeks. It would be nice to find a natural sunblock that isn't harsh on skin. Baby is for sure a product of Boo and I, and therefore being in the sun with no sunscreen is not an option.

I just put the shampoo in the shower for tomorrow. Maybe something more natural will help with my sensitive skin issues...who knows! I'm saving the bath powder for my next killer workout. The card promises a relaxing and therapeutic bath experience which I will need after N tries to kill me this week. :)

All in all I'd say this box was well worth my $15. Even the decorative felt underneath the products made it into the craft basket. I'm sure I can turn it into something. For $15 I got samples that would have cost over $85 to try the full size version. Plus, if I decide I don't like something I don't have to throw it out (wasting even eco-friendly products isn't my favorite) or feel bad that I spent a lot of money on it.

I'm really looking forward to what's coming in the June box.

If you're interested, check Eco-Emi out for yourself at or on Facebook at 


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