Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Midwest Doldrums

So I've been AWOL for almost two weeks. It wasn't intentional, it just happened.

This lovely blog tells me that my last post was on February 2nd, which my trusty calendar informs me was a Thursday. I honestly wish I could think of what has swept me up in the 288 hours since then, but I can't. I can only chalk it up to the Midwest Doldrums; or in other words: Life.

I'm sure a lot of super interesting things have happened in my life since February 2nd. Um...we finally put up the door for the basement bathroom thus making potty breaks no longer a team sport. Oh! We had some friends over for dinner and conversation, which was the highlight of the week. And we threw a little last minute shin-dig for Super Bowl since our normal Super Bowl soiree was cancelled as the host/hostess were on vacation. So by my calculation that covers roughly 9 of the last 288 hours. :)

The remaining 279 hours have been consumed by everyday nothing-ness. Work, cleaning, eating, sleeping, TV etc. Nothing fancy. Nothing exciting. The plain old ups and downs of life.

Lately my sleep schedule has been all kinds of messed up (hence this post at 2am). So I've been staying up until all hours of the night because I simply cannot fall asleep. And obviously my midnight endeavors must be relatively quiet as Ken still has to get up early, so I can't say they are all that productive. Then as a result of my late nights my days are half eaten by sleep. So I have routinely been finding myself in bed past 10am. That really puts a damper on productivity as well. So it's a very vicious and unproductive cycle. All in all I'd say at least 120 of those missing hours belong to my bed.

In addition to, or perhaps on account of my crazy interrupted sleep schedule I've found myself a bit lacking in motivation. Really this minor slump is no surprise to me. It happens every year at this time. Seasonal depression is the technical term though I prefer to call it the Winter Pits. It's those last dreadfully long weeks of winter. This year it hasn't been so bad, as the weather in good ole' Missouri has been uncommonly warm. But as if right on cue the weather has taken a turn to towards bitter cold forcing me to hibernate inside. And of course it wouldn't be February if every day wasn't overcast or just plain dark outside.

Blah. I hate this time of year.

I did finish part 1 of my Bestie's 2008 Christmas present. I have been keeping the house clean, although this week's snowfall has led to trails of little paw prints on the floors. I have gone to work on the days when going to work is required. Ken and I have enjoyed some time with friends. All in all a nice long stretch of life.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we can get some excitement in here to liven things up.

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