Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things Are About To Get Real

So Boo and I have lived in our house for just over a year, and since the day we moved in we have been a bit at odds about 'housework'. Not the day to day vacuuming and dusting. Those tasks fall firmly in my court. But about things like remodeling, and landscaping, and changing the decor.

You see, the first house Boo and I bought was what you might call a fixer-upper. Sure some would have called it a burner-downer, but we like to see the glass as half full. Besides, it's what we could afford :).

Needless to say we fixed it up. And it took 3 months of living with my parents, and working 40 hours a week at our real jobs and 40 hours a week at our house. And it was brutal. So we both agreed that we were never doing that again. This time around we bought a beautiful move in ready traditional two story home.

And it is beautiful.

It is also beige. And it has carpet in the master bathroom. And carpet in the basement. Well I should say HAD carpet in the basement :). At any rate it was most definitely move in ready on a level that our previous home wasn't. But now after a year of living in someone else's decor I'm ready to put my mark on the place.

So here we go.

We have already torn out the hedges from the front of the house, removed the nasty outdated lava rock and landscaped with something more to my taste. Now we are on to the backyard where we removed a ton (haha get it...) more lava rock and some more bushes. The plan being that we will be transplanting some rose bushes, building ourselves a sweet privacy screen, and decorating with new patio furniture and a sweet new grill. But the planting has to be done before the weather turns chilly, and that means more landscaping before September gets here.

We also tore out the carpet in the basement to replace it with an epoxy floor covering that is nigh on indestructible. But before the new floor can be installed we need to remove the carpet adhesive and paint the walls. And the flooring is getting installed in early September.

Also on the agenda as a small side project is new paint for the guest bedroom. It's currently yellow and while my bright orange floral bedding set goes nicely with the existing paint, I think it's time we toned it down to something a little more my style. And I scored an awesome new dresser to put in my new room, but it needs refinishing. Plus, the room is in DESPERATE need of a new fan.

Oh, and I've finally been inspired for artwork in Baby's room, so I'm on the hunt for that as well. 

So, here comes August and on the agenda so far for this standard 31-day month are:
  • Trip to Indiana to see the family
  • Backyard landscaping etc
  • Stripping of basement carpet adhesive
  • Trip to Colorado to see the other family
  • Painting of basement walls
  • Painting of guest room
 On the back burner, to be squeezed in if/when possible are:
  • Refinishing of new-old dresser
  • Procurement and installation of art for Baby's room
To say this is an ambitious list would be the understatement of the century. And I couldn't be more excited about it. I can't wait to see how close we actually get to crossing all of these things off the list!

Updates and pictures to come!


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