Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Sickness and in Health

I feel that I must dedicate this post to my husband Ken.

For the last week (though it has certainly felt like an eternity) I've been sick. I awoke last week with a scratchy throat which then mutated into a runny nose. By the end of day two I couldn't breathe out of one nostril and I felt like there was a 200 pound brick lodged inside my head. In this miserable state I continued for 4 days.

In general I am never sick. I can't really remember the last time I had any kind of cold or flu symptoms that lasted more than one day. I think I must have been in high school. That being said, I'm a terrible sick person. I'm unaccustomed to it, and therefore I react very very poorly.

So, for the 6 days now I've been lying about the house (for the most part), whining about my head hurting, or complaining that I don't feel well. And Ken, well, he has been waiting on me hand and foot the whole time. He has responded to all of the complaints with the appropriate level of sympathy and concern. He has refilled the hot tea when my cup was empty. He has cooked dinner, administered medicine, and pampered me through my illness.

Yesterday was by far the worst day. And as I have discovered, being self employed does not necessarily make me exempt from work when I am sick. After getting up and getting dressed I was feeling exhausted. After the 30 minute drive and a few hours at work I was barely functioning and my head felt like it was going to explode. My condition only got worse, and my complaining louder as the night went on. Hey, I said I was really bad at being sick. But still Ken put up with it. Following me to bed super early, and lulling me to sleep with a scalp massage and a back scratch (which are definitely two of my favorite things).

So this morning, as I feel better I thought I must post about my awesome husband. Who really stuck with me, through all of the whining, and nursed me back to health.


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