Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Are So Bass Ackwards

Last night I was surfing Facebook as I rocked Baby after his bedtime feeding when I came across this article in a small private group I am a part of.

Mississippi Stillborn Manslaughter Charge Raising Fears

The link was accompanied by a post from a woman who recently miscarried a baby, and is obese by the medical definition. She expressed her concern that this kind of precedent could mean she would face legal consequences in addition to having lost her baby.

After reading the comment I was intrigued, and so, I read the article.

After reading the article I was incensed.

Where do I even begin?!? Ok, I get it that the lady was using drugs while she was pregnant. But really, I would wager that happens a lot more often than anyone wants to admit. But seriously, there's no way they could ever prove that the drug use is the only reason she miscarried. And what? The police/prosecutors in Mississippi don't have anything better to do than track down women who may or may not have been 100% healthy during their pregnancies? I guess if I go check the crime statistics for Jackson every category other than 'poor prenatal behavior' is going to say 0. Doubtful.

And let's talk about the semantics. In the article the prosecutor says "I've got a dead child here" and "We are dealing with one case...the death of child." but the article clearly states that the child was stillborn. Last I checked the rest of the U.S. defines the unborn as 'fetus' until it takes a breath. Don't get me wrong, I think a baby is a baby regardless of which side of the uterine lining they are on. But we aren't talking about my views, we are talking about the law. So what this prosecutor is saying is that Mississippi law applied to this case defines the baby as a child, and therefore seeks to prosecute the baby's 'killer'. I sure hope if I search abortion statistics for Jackson I also get 0.

I mean what kind of ass backward world do we live in where a woman can drive to the clinic and pay a doctor to abort her child but a woman who has the misfortune to lose her baby naturally is then charged with a crime?!? Seriously America?? Since when do we say "a child isn't a person" until we decide that we have a vendetta against the mother and then we turn around to say "the child is a child and we have a duty to avenge their death".

W. T. F.


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