Thursday, January 5, 2012

About the Author

I find that it is customary for me to share about myself in case by some miracle other people care to read this blog.

Let me start with the super boring first 20 years of my life. I'm the youngest of two children. I always behaved, followed the rules (I really hate breaking rules), got good grades etc. Golden child might be a good descriptor, but it really was more out of inherent nature than out of effort. From a young age I dreamed of being a lawyer; Abby Carmichael to be precise. From an older age I realized the time and money that law school would cost. *Shudder. Then I discovered that I truly have a love for corporate (and personal) finance, and a gift for accounting. I just like numbers. Not math mind you. Numbers. I guess it is no surprise though, as my life friend/confidant/mentor/role model/mom has had a career in finance for over 20 years. Although I must admit that I find the basic accounting rather mundane.

So, at the ripe old age of 18 I headed off to a tiny university in the Midwest to major in Finance. I joined a sorority, one of the best decisions I ever made in college. I suffered through 4 long years of grueling classes and survived thanks to an amazing Jr./Sr. year roommate and my sorority sisters. There was a great comfort in knowing they were all suffering too. By the end of my senior year I was convinced that law school wasn't for me (there was no way I was suffering for another 3 years) and I was eager to graduate and start my glamorous career in finance.

Enter the first hints of my destiny: Ken. Here I should rewind to that young age when watching Law & Order was like watching a window into my future life. Between that time and age 22 I went on exactly ONE date. And even that was a friend in high school who decided my high school experience wouldn't be complete without dinner and a movie with a boy. I'm not sure that even really counts. Dating and boys were never really my thing. I was always more focused on other things to think boys were worth the trouble. And I wanted to save myself for marriage. And the biggest reason: I thought boys were complete idiots. That's right. Right up until I met Ken, and even after I met Ken I thought all guys were dumb.

The story of our first meeting we will have to save for another day. In hindsight it really is all of the things a fairytale introduction should be. Suffice it to say that we met in March 2008 and got hitched in October 2010. Relatively speaking it was all quite rapid for a girl who had never been on a date before. Even my brother, who has never to my knowledge commented on my life, voted we were moving too fast. At one point he told my mom to tell me to slow down. Ha. Thanks bro.

In September 2008 I found my first adult job. I must admit, it was severely lacking in the glamor I had been dreaming about. But, my parents stopped hounding me to get a job, so it's not like there were no benefits. It was good for me though. I had more work than any one person would ever want, and I attacked it every day. I was so eager to improve, do better, do more, and be the best. In July of 2010 I got promoted from my first position to a better, more 'me' position within the same company. The second position was by definition my dream job (at least at age 24). I was an analyst. Tasked with the complex mission of ferreting out sales opportunities and underused resources. I was ecstatic. But after a time I realized that the job on paper and the job in reality were not the same. I'm sure that's true with every job.

I became more and more dissatisfied with my position and I started asking myself why. Then I found the answer to that question, and it has led me here. And really, if you're reading this it has led you here as well.

So now friends, if you're out there, we will be embarking on this destiny together. Well together in a sense that is. Hold on tight.

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