Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Blogging...

I'm not sure even really what blogging is.

Is it a journal? If it is a journal then I should be writing to myself. In which case it's really just a physical representation of hindsight. And in that case I'm not so sure I want to record all of my failures along with my successes. I'd much just rather look back and see that I was completely perfect. Then again, if it is a journal it is most likely private. And if it is private then I can air as much dirty laundry as I please. And venting some of that may, in the end, mean a happier marriage for me and my husband. But to take that further, I hardly think something private would be intentionally posted on the internet...

So then, is it a story? Is it just a story of life? Just a non-fiction mundane depiction of all of my activities? I think it must be something more than that. I mean, no one says "Boy I just can't wait to read a mundane story". So to avoid the label of mundane it needs excitement. It needs adventure. It needs mystery. Well my life has little of those things to offer. I'm just an average girl after all. Now we're entering the world of fiction. All fiction has at least one of those elements to intrigue the reader. But personally I've never had the imagination for fiction; nor the stomach for it. I much prefer the truth, whatever it comes out to be.

I guess a blog is just that: a blog. A public record of the not-so-private daily dealings of life. So hold on. Because you're about to experience the not-so-private dealings of my life. Get out your 5-hour energy, you're going to need it. There's no above-average excitement here. Not mystery or intrigue. Just a girl - well I guess technically a woman - learning how to live her destiny.

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